Having obtained my BA in photography I worked at Christie's auction house for many years, combining my passions for the art world and the technical side of lighting in photography.  It was an amazing experience, working in Paris on the Rudolf Nureyev collection to making sure the colours were accurate for Holbein's Lady with a squirrel as a 10x8 transparency.  It helped me for when I freelanced for the Public Catalogue Foundation (now merged into Art UK) where we photographed all publicly owned oil paintings.  From Fire Stations and Museums to the Oxford University Colleges, a Pevsner in oil paintings. 

      I am extremely lucky to do a job which I love, working with beautiful collections and creative people.  I use the same working disciplines in fine art as in all of my photography, be it portraits or flowers.   Lighting is key, be it natural light at 5am in a garden or obtaining the same effect with my own studio lights on location,  in galleries or in my studio.

     It is only since working on my MA that I have realised I use similar techniques for lighting people as seen in Old Masters. My botanic pieces have often been described as watercolours, and now my portraits as oils.  I'm now also making small videos and stop frame animations for either  instagram promotions or artisan businesses. 



 2016 - 2020