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The Last Supper

Based on Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the same name, I chose to use this reference in my MA photography work to highlight the isolation I felt when my son video gamed.  Using nine year olds who seems to oblivious to their surrounding, through to the older children, late teens years and onto my age group, where very few gamers play.  The Last Supper is when Jesus is surrounded by his friends, a community gathered for his last meal. Unlike Leonardo's image where the disciples are very much together, falling over one another to discuss who will be the one to betray him, I often find conversations and meal times are abandoned for the sake of a game.  When one games one has to keep to the games time table, not let down other players by leaving.  And yet, gamers feel very much like a community.

Nine Year Old Gamers - I gave them all a device with a game on it playing.  They happened to be at an end of year home party where party games were being played all around.  Some where swimming, some playing football and yet these children with cake in front of them didn't look up.  This image, the final one of the day was taken at a slower speed showing the movement of one child looking up.  The observant viewer will see that everyone else is fixed still.   Captivated by their tools.

Teen Gamers - one of my sons is a gamer.  I have had to come to terms with this and his generation, some of whom play continually as he does and others occasionally.  At this shoot he was the only one to actually be gaming, the others pretended to but to me this scene doesn't feel right, they should be conversing, interacting and laughing. 

The Older Age group - here they play backgammon, cards, roulette and other games but no screen games.   This shoot was the hardest of them all to organise.  None of the adults wanted to stop talking or wanted stay in place, they were full of life, conversation and joy.  They took great pleasure in their surrounding and the mornings shoot.

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