At AUB (Arts University Bournemouth) I am undertaking my masters in commercial photography on an auto anthropological view of video gamers, video gaming has taken over my own family life and for many others and I feel it necessary to understand its charms and compulsive screen time.  The first images are from the Supper at Emmaus. 

In the bible when Jesus returns after his crucifixion.  My look at it is not so much his revelation of himself but the revelation that money is being taken by the game industry so easily and readily.   Players never make money it is gamed away from them.   There are many ways to spend either by watching others game or by buying new kit to use in a game.  

The Last Supper images were based on the fact that many people bring gadgets to the table and it is very isolating for others who do not game.  The first of the three images of 9 year olds were given a gadget and never looked up in the shoot whereas the eldest of the generations preferred to speak to the friend they were standing closest to.

The other portraits are either of gamers or of people who have been affected by video gamers.