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For my Master's Project  (AUB 2018-2020) -  "An Auto Anthropological view of Video Gamers", I came across Caravaggio's image of the Supper at Emmaus.  It perfectly summed up for me ellements within video gaming which are not always obvious on first viewing.  The Road to Emmaus is when Jesus walks with his closest friends following his death and crucifixion but they were not aware of him as the person they had known and loved.  We too when gaming do not always know the people we game with, sometimes never meeting them but feel they are close and best friends.  My first image shows happy gamers, all oblivious of one another.   Happy to ignore, happy to stand beside without any interaction.

The second image represents the revelation that money is a big part of gaming.  Gambling/spending, gamers never get their money back, it is a constant feed for the gaming industry without guidelines or restrictions to children.  In the Caravaggio image, Jesus is revealing who he is to his friends.

My third image in this tryptic is my own response.  Heads full of gaming stuff, suffocated, their feelings in their heads and not with one another.

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