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Writers in Lockdown 2020-21


GILES ANDREAE   "Lockdown was the most productive period I’ve ever had. All excuses for procrastination were stripped away - meetings, travel… even holidays. Long, uninterrupted blocks of time are invaluable for a writer and most of us will do anything to try to avoid them. Not this time…!”

HUGO VICKERS  "I've enjoyed being the in the countryside.  My writing desk has moved around my house, sometimes I work in the garden or different rooms in the  house. On the whole it's been an interesting and rewarding time.  I've re-edited a book and brought out a new one, as well as keeping up my media commitments." 

MARY KILLEN "The first lockdown was rather interesting.  Life felt like I would have imagined the 1940's to be with neighbours looking after each other, milk appearing on the doorstep and a sense of coming together.  As the lockdowns have continued I have struggled.  Being a social creature, unable to drive and living in the countryside there have been obvious downsides to life.  Not least that I like meeting friends and chatting face to face with people."

MENNO MEYJES "7.30am start ...a cold bath ...avoid listening to the Today Programme on Radio tea... QI Gong .... the boxing news ...start to write at 9am, finishing at 1pm".

Mary Killen - social commentator and writer
Hugo Vickers - biographer
Giles Andreae - poet, songwriter and children's book author
Menno Meyjes - scriptwriter
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